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Posted by Flagracer, Sat Jan-30-10 09:04 AM
haha, I do rodeo here so I had to think about that one (flagracing is a rodeo event)

Remove the pan (maybe put in a drain at this time for future ease)

You Need to remove the pin on the right to get the rooster out, remove the MLPS. It's not in this photo, but loosen the bolt that holds the pressure roller on the rooster as well., SAVE THE PIN! Push the rooster and shift connector out of the side of the transmission.

Push the piston into the valve body to move it out of the way.

Depending on the year, you probably have a wire harness instead of the black circuit board. Whatever you have, carefully remove the electrical connection to the EPC.

Remove the bolt above it to the left, that holds the bracket that holds the EPC in.

Carefully pull it out, you will have to wiggle it and the seal may be a little stuck at first.

Clean the pan, get some fresh Mercon V, a new filter kit, reassemble in reverse order. Tap the pin in with a hammer, don't smash it all the way, just till it's the same depth. The Rooster pin has a notch at the correct depth for sliding it in. Don't be like many of us and forget to align the rooster with the piston for the valve body!! (The big oval) When you are done it needs to look exactly like when you began.