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Posted by banktaculous, Sun Jan-31-10 08:51 AM
Well it was a success yesterday with replacing the EPC. A friend of mine is a mechanic for Mercedes and he's been a ford guy all this life so we tackled the job. When I met up with him Saturday he already removed the EPC Friday after work(the car was at the shop on his lift). So he puts it in and replaces the EPC and it's wango bango we're in the money the job is done. Wrong Wrong Wrong we run into an electrical problem while driving. The overdrive light is blinking and it's not shifting right. So we go back and ohm the wires from the from the PCM i think he called it to the tranny and we're good. Now we look at the tranny for the electrical problem and it's the we pull the long circut board and it's not looking ohm right so we call the ford parts store and they have it so we're in the money and get a great deal for 40 bucks for it. Now we think that's it. As we take a closier look at the new board and the old one we then see something is burned into so he goes and breaks and pushed the solenoid up and it breaks which is fine at this point we didnt know it at the time and see that that # 4 pin or connecter is burned and gone. That one is the power to the tranny. We're like oh sheet and we call up ford again and see if they have it and they do but can not find it. We wait 30 minutes for the guy to find it and get it for 20 bucks and we're in the money now. We realized that the valve body had to be lowered to intall this solenoid. We do that connect everything back up. Fill up with some Mercon V and and some Mobile 1 we're getting 20 miles to the gallon in the city. We also changed the plugs he talked me into E3 and they're alright. But it was a success story. Thank you guys