1994 Stock

This is Parish McConnell's classy 1994 Mark VIII. It is White Opalescent with a carriage top. It still runs strong and smooth at 74K miles. Prishes additions to his car include: polished 16" x 8" Cobra Style rims, MSD Superconductor Wires, Accell DIS coil packs, Kenwood Z919 CD/MP3 Playe,r Polk Audio front and rear 6.5" components, Phoenix Gold Amp pushing 2 10" subs in trun and custom installed "Home Link" opener in headliner.


This Sandy McCamon's beautiful red 1994 Mark VIII sitting peacefully in the snow. Not a spot on it though.



The 1994 Mark VIII in the front belongs to Richard Roberts. The 1993 Mark VIII in the rear belongs to co-president Kale Kainoa. They got togwether to do some runs down the local dragstrip as you can see by the numbers painted on the windshields.


Jerry Heep owns this beautiful Opal Grey Pearlescent 1994 Mark VIII.


This is Todd Shireman's gleaming 1994 Mark VIII. He is standing near the car with his 11 year old daughter Trisha. Todd has always been a Ford fan and was able to buy what he calls "the best American car by far" when he made some money on some tech stocks before the market crashed. The car is fully optioned and meticulously maintained.


This is Neal Kaminsky's beautiful Portofino Blue 1994 Mark VIII.

This is Tim "Moffie" Van Nattan's beautiful 1994 Mark VIII in the rare Santa Fe color, which was only offered in 1994. Tim was looking for a replacement for his Cadillac. He was actually looking for a Town Car, as needed to transport his 1998 Pacesaver Eclipse mobility scooter in the trunk. A friend recommended a Mark VIII. A test drive of The Mark VIII impressed him. The final test was the fit of the mobility scooter, or as Tim refers to it, "a single seat open tourer." Just by removing the tray that covers the spare, the scooter fit with room left for "one loaf of bread, one gallon of milk and a 12 pack of beer." Tim was sold on this Mark VIII. Tim had organized and run a need specific car club in Northern California, and wants to help the LOD.




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