Members' Rides

Lincoln has been making fine luxury cars since 1920.

Click on the links below to see pictures and history of Lincolns belonging to our members.


Continental "Mark I" (1940-1948):
Mark I stock Mark I modified  
Mark II (1956-57):    
Mark II stock    
Mark II, III, IV(1958, 1959,1960):    
Mark III(1958) stock Mark IV(1959) stock Mark V(1960) stock
Mark III (1968-1971):    
Mark III stock    
Mark IV (1972-1976):    
Mark IV stock    
Mark V (1977-1979):    
Mark V stock    
Mark VI (1980-1983):    
Mark VI stock    
Mark VII (1984-1992):    
Mark VII stock Mark VII modified  
First Generation Mark VIII (1993-1996):
1993 stock
1993 modified
1994 stock
1994 modified
1995 Base stock
1995 Base modified
1995 LSC stock
1995 LSC modified
1996 Base stock
1996 Base modified
1996 LSC stock
1996 LSC modified
1996 Diamond Anniversary Base
1996 Diamond Anniversary LSC
Second Generation Mark VIII (1997-1998):    
1997 Base stock
1997 Base modified
1997 LSC stock
1997 LSC modified
1998 Base stock
1998 Base modified
1998 LSC stock
1998 LSC modified
1998 Collector's Edition in Pearlescent White
1998 Collector's Edition in Cordovan
1998 Spring Feature Base
1998 Spring Feature LSC
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