Mark VIII Interior Colors and Codes

Color Base Model Code LSC Model Code Notes
Aquamarine AM Not Applicable 1993 Exclusive (rare)
Cranberry AI Not Applicable 1993 Exclusive (rare)
Cypress Z3 D3 1996 Exclusive (extremely rare)
Ebony AJ(1993)/ZJ DJ/BRK(1997) All Years, EXCEPT 1998
Ivory ZQ DQ All Years, Except 1993 & 1994

Light & Medium Graphite

Not Applicable C3 1998 LSC Collector's Edition ONLY

Light & Medium Prairie Tan

Not Applicable CZ 1998 LSC Collector's Edition ONLY
Light Graphite Z2 D2 All Years, Except 1993 & 1994
Light Graphite with Cordovan Accents Z1 D1 1996 Anniversary Edition ONLY

Light Prairie Tan

ZY DY 1997 & 1998 Only
Midnight Black ZW DW 1998 Exclusive
Mocha AH Not Applicable 1993 Exclusive (rare)
Opal Grey A6 or Z6 Not Applicable 1993 (A6) & 1994 (Z6)
Portofino Blue ZP Not Applicable 1994 Exclusive (rare)
Saddle ZS DS 1994, 1995 & 1996

Willow Green

ZG Not Applicable 1995 Exclusive (rare)

If you have a car with a color or a code not listed please send it in to the webmaster so that we can list it here.

Information courtesy of Sandy "Sandyboy" Block and Chad "Chadricco" Nordling .

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