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This site was founded January 21, 2000, for those interested in Lincoln's personal luxury sport coupe, the Mark VIII. On August 7, 2001 we expanded this site to all luxury high performance Lincoln enthusiasts. This site exists to provide a meeting place for Lincoln owners who enjoy their vehicles, and look for ways to repair, maintain, or improve their vehicles. Our goal is to provide a site that you will visit for information on repairs, upgrades, or just fun with other Lincoln enthusiasts.

BlueOvalNews April 2000
Driving, racing or working on cars can be hazardous. The procedures and advice on this website including the message board are opinion only. www.markviii.org and its webmasters do not guarantee the correctness of the advice and procedures. www.markviii.org and its webmasters assume no liability for any damage, fines, punishment, injury or death resulting from following these procedures or advice. If you do not have the skills or tools to repair your car, please consult a professional. www.markviii.org recommends that you only race your car with proper safety equipment on an approved supervised track. By using this site you agree to hold harmless www.markviii.org club, its officers, its authors and its webmasters from any resulting claim and costs that may occur from using the information found on this site.
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