New Members' Rides

This Hank Mazon's clean and elegant Silver Frost 1997 Base Mark VIII. It has the Light Graphite interior which goes well with the exterior.


This Joseph Williams' immaculate 1996 Mark VIII was recently purchased in July of 2002 from what we military folks call the "Lemon Lot"on "Scott AFB"with only 69k on the odometer. Previously owned by an Air Force Retired Colonel. Exterior color is a Ivory Tri-coat, the Interior is Ivory. It has the optional Touring package which include electronic traction assist, JBL audio system & truck mounted CD changer. Plan is in the work to upgrade stereo system to either "Kenwood 10 disc CD changer.or some high end aftermarket mp3 player. Joseph says it's a GREAT automobile, and nothing made today even comes close!


This is Tim Emerich's gorgeous Mark VIII LSC that he bought used in June 2000. It is Ivory Pearlescent and has a Light Graphite interior. Of all the cars he has owned, this is the first one he has no desire to get rid of after two years. Most of the time he keeps cars about two years, but this one is like family to him now. He does not know what else he would get that he would like as much as this Lincoln.


This is Michael Patterson's immaculate White Pearlescent Mark VIII LSC with the seldom seen Octastar wheels.




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