Cam sensor R&R

Tools needed:

Lets get started:

    1. Start by removing the engine beauty cover (if not already removed).

    2. Then remove the power steering reservior by removing the (3) 10MM bolts that secure it to the engine.

    3. Now remove the (1) 8MM bolt that secures the cam sensor to the engine.

    4. Now disconnect the wiring harness that is plugged into the cam sensor.

    5. Pull the cam sensor from the engine.

    6. Check the area around the cam sensor, and clean area as necessary to not allow any dirt/debris into the engine.

    7. Use some of the oil from the cam sensor that you just removed to lubricate the o-ring on the new cam sensor.

    8. Install new cam sensor.

    9. Reinstall the (1) 8MM bolt that holds the cam sensor in place.

    10. Now, reinstall the power steering reservior by reinstalling the (3) 10MM bolts that hold it in place.

    11. Reinstall the engine beauty cover if one was in place when starting.

If you have any questions/comments please feel free to email me at the link provided below.

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