Technical Help



Common repair and disassembly instructions.


Oil Filter removal instructions

Oil filter housing gasket replacement
Door panel removal instructions
1997-1998 outside mirror turn signal and illumination light removal and installation

1997-1998 HID bulb replacement

Rear hub replacement

Transmission shift accumulator piston repair

Blend Door - Temporary Emergency heat fix in 1997-1998 Mark VIII with broken blend door actuator, the most common cause for lack of heat in this car.

Blend Door - Reinforcement of blend door actuator arm for 1997-98 Mark VIII. This is the weakest link in the heating system and not easily accessible. Reinforce it with this procedure so failure is less likely.

Blend Door - Complete illustrated procedure for removing and installing of blend door actuator arm in the 1997-98 Mark VIII. This is the weakest link in the heating system. You can install a new one yourself with this procedure.

Comparison of HID lights to conventional halogens.

Also instructions on converting halogen housings on 1993-1996 Mark VIII's to HID's.

speedo Second Generation (97-98) Neon Problems

Written by Glitch, a troubleshooting/replacement guide

Crank Position Sensor Replacement

Camshaft Sensor Replacement

Reprogramming a 93 to 96 Mark VIII remote transmitter.

Reprogramming a 97 to 98 Mark VIII remote transmitter.

Programming a 93 to 98 Mark VIII door keyless entry.

HomeLink Programming the HomeLink garage door opener on the visor.

(This is a link to the HomeLink site)

Installing a CD changer in a 97-98 Mark VIII with a stock cassette player.

Fuel filter replacement.

Engine thermostat replacement.

Lift Points for the Mark VIII Lift points for the Mark VIII

Modifications Modifications

1-2 Accumulator Piston and Mercon V replacement Paper

Transmission Oil Cooler Installation Paper

Front Strut Replacement Paper

Rear Bag Replacement

1st Gen (93-96) Gauge Removal

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