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These are frequently asked for part numbers:

(Prices given are typical dealer prices)

Parts for Accumulator Piston Repair for 1993 to 1997 Mark VIII's:

F7AZ-7F251-AA updated 1-2 accumulator piston $12.00

F75Z-7F284-AA upper/top (light blue) spring $3.25

F7AZ-7F284-BA lower/bottom (purple) spring $32.50

F4AZ-7F247-A 1&2 cover & seal $3.42

If your Mark VIII (1993 to mid year 1997) shifts hard or shudders into 2nd gear you may have a problem with the 1-2 shift accumulator in the transmission. The piston rocks in the bore and damages the O-ring causing erratic 1-2 shifts. It is a simple job if you are changing the filter. All you need to change the piston after you remove the pan is a snap ring pliers. It is recommended that you replace the piston and spring in the transmission when you service it. The new piston has a totally different design and the O-ring are thicker. The top spring is taller than the original. Use Mercon V when servicing the transmission and make sure that the torque converter is drained. There is a dust cover on the bottom of the bell housing. You have to spin the motor over until you can access the small drain plug. You will replace about 12 quarts of transmission fluid. Use Mercon V fluid only, do not use older formulations. It is not necessary to replace the pan gasket, it is reusable.

The above simple inexpensive repair is advisable as preventative maintenance even if you are not experiencing a shifting problem at this time. for more deatiled instuctions see the 1-2 accumulator paper.

It is easy to tell if you have the old or new piston in your transmission by their appearance.

old piston with one broken spring new piston and springs

Thanks to Bob "Injun_ear" Tamasulo for the part numbers and pricing; and Jerry "Hot LNC" Heep for the photos.


1993-98 Engine Parts:

Idler Pulley: F6AZ-8678-BA $18

Tensioner: F8AZ-6B209-AA $52.

Thanks to Kale Kainoa for the part numbers and pricing.


1993-98 Cooling System parts:

F3LY-8A500-A water outlet connector cap (this is the filll cap near the alternator) $ 14.99

Thanks to Tony Montana for the part numbers.


Octastar Wheels:

F7LZ-1007-BB (Motorsport number: M-1007-L167 - was sold as an overstock item in 1999) 8 Spoke Chrome - retail list: $749.85 each, discount: $562.39 each

F7LZ-1130-BA Octastar center cap


20 Spoke Directional Wheels:

F4LY-1007-B R.H. Chrome Wheel - retail list: $618.87, discount: $464.15


10 Spoke Directional Wheels and Centers:

Alloy Center: F5LC-1A096-AB

Chrome Center: F5LC-1A096-BC

Chrome Center with Black Plastic Emblem: F8LC-1A096-AA (for Collector's Edition Directional)

Chrome Wheel: F6LC-1007-DA


"InTech" generator cover: F7LE-6A949-AB

This was the standard dress up cover for the alternator in 1997 only. The engine had a full shroud cover from 1993 to 1996. This alternator cover was eliminated in 1998 as a cost cutting measure. This alternator cover is available from the dealer for about $30. It dresses up the engine nicely for 1998's and for 1993-1996's who have removed the shroud. The cover is pictured in the center of the engine below.

You need these parts that you can order from the Lincoln dealer: The part number for the Studs 2 pieces is N807403-S2 The part number for the Nuts 2 pieces is N808455-S100. These parts cost approximately $23. You will need to cut off approximately 1 inch from the top of the studs for a proper fit. The nuts are tightened with the end of a 1/4 drive ratchet.

A cheaper alternative is to use two 6 X 50 mm (1.00mm thread) bolts. You will need a spacer between the cover and the top of the generator mount. Alexander Sosiak used plastic door clips from the interior of a '70's Ford. All that needs to be done is to cut off the end leaving the barrel part and then drill out the inside with a ~6mm drill.

Stock '98 bolt, 6x50mm bolt, washer, '70's interior clip


1998 Collector's Edition Parts:

Chrome Wheel Center with Black Plastic Emblem: F8LC-1A096-AA $50

Prarie Tan Steering Wheel with Walnut inserts: F8LZ-3600-TLW $633

Wood shift knob assembly: F8LZ-7210-AA

"Collectors Edition" floor mats in Graphite: F8LZ-6313086-CAB $75

1997-98 Spark Plug Boot:

Spark plug boot, for coil-over-plug ign: F7LZ-12A402-AA $5


1993-1996 Mirror Assembly:

F3LY-17K707-C Heated and Auto-dimming (electrochromatic) Mirror Glass $229.99

F3LY-17K707-B Plain Glass Mirror Glass $40.99

F4LY-17D696-C Motor Assmbly $68

Thanks to Erick T Davis for the part numbers and pricing.

1997-98 Grille:

Chrome grill F7LZ-8200-AH

Emblem for grill F7LZ-8213-AA

Thanks to Leo Cerruti for the part numbers.

1993-98 Trunk Compartment:

Luggage Net Hold Down Retainer F3SZ-6342002-A $3

Thanks to Tony Montana for the part numbers.


1993-98 Door Handle:

Gaskets: F8LZ-6322428-AA (left) and F8LZ-6322429-AA (right) $3.12 each

Drivers side door handle: XF3Z-6322405-AA $14 (unpainted)

Drivers side plastic lock lever: FF3LY-6321971 $3 When you replace your drivers side door handle, you are supposed to need one of these. But you may not.

Thanks to Bill Eynon III and Bill Viands for the part numbers.


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