Official Lincoln Site: Ford's site where you can learn all about Lincoln's exciting new vehicles. was formed to bring the Ford, Ford-related, Ford-owned, and Ford-controlled automakers (including Ford, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Saleen, and Volvo) enthusiast community together online. They accomplish this by providing exposure to clubs, offering a free vehicle registry for anyone who owns any of these vehicles, providing free e-mail for enthusiasts, and through the exposure of vehicle-specific enthusiast sites hosted and not hosted by There are there to function as a central source for Ford, Ford-related, Ford-owned, and Ford-controlled automaker information and entertainment. Great Lincoln resourse for history and other information. Includes a picture gallery, and free classified ads for parts and vehicles.

Matthew's Redline Site: This site is devoted to the Mark VIII and has catalogued all the Ford Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) for the Mark VIII. The site is continually updated, and now features some technical articles on how to change your spark plugs, install a SuperChip, and make an electronically controlled exhaust cutout. Members  Bill "DOHC" Hamilton and Jack "WasFuz" Frakes contributed articles.

Nightsky's Mark VIII site: This  member's site features common technical fixes and upgrades as discussed on the  message board. Check this site first for common problems with the Mark VIII.

John and Meghan's Mark VIII site: This is members John and Meghan Mark VIII site. They have his and hers Mark VIII's. Hers is a 1993 with uncommon Nordic Blue exterior with a rare Aquamarine interior.

Mark VIII Home Page: Lots of information on the Mark VIII. Has an extensive guest book of owners who have visited the site.

Lincoln Mark VIII - GK Racing: Gary "Tourquine" Knopke great site decribes with lots of photos how to put in a Powermaxx chip and Mas Air kit from LMS and how to replace your rear sway bar and alternator.

LINCOLN - Luxury In Motion: David Ferguson's great site devoted to unusual new and old Lincolns. Lots of interesting links on this page.

Hot Rod Lincoln: A 1996 Lincoln setup to run the Bonneville Salt Flats for a land speed record!

Mark VIII Information Page: Great page about the history of the Mark VIII with technical tips to get the most performance out of them.

Hot Rod Lincoln Discussion Board: This board is devoted to all Lincoln Marks, but most posts are for the Mark VII  with a few Mark VIII. Takes long to load, but worth it.

Hot Rod Lincoln Organization: This site is dedicated to the pursuit of higher performance  from the Mark series automobiles concentrating in the Mark VII and Mark VIII series with special emphasis on the LSC models.

Ford Modular Motors: This site has detailed information on the Mark VIII's revolutionary high tech motor.

Lincoln and Continental Owner's Club: This is a club for Lincoln vehicles of all years, including the Mark VIII.

Lincoln- Luxury and Performance: This site is still under construction, but will look great when finished.

Lincoln Mark Series Website: This is the oldest site on the web dedicated to the Lincoln Mark series, from the original "Mark I" to the Mark VIII.

Lincolns Online: This site has loads of Lincoln related links for parts, accessories and services. It also features forums for cars ranging from Lincolns to Cobras to Lightnings.

Pony Links to Lincoln Sites and Services: Great resource for Lincoln links by Stangnet.

Classic Lincolns: Great resource for pictures and information on older Lincolns including the 1979 Collector's Series.

Car Clubs of the World: A page by Car-Link that has listings of car clubs for all makes all over the world. You can place an ad to sell your car for free on this site.

Classic Auto Mall: This website has thousands of pages of  Classic Vehicles, Automobilia, & Rare Parts. There is also an extensive listing of car clubs and car museums.

Unique License Plate: Paul "Sandbag" Christenson's tribute to the end of the Mark VIII series. Also see a front view of his car at

Chris Wylie's Mark VIII site: This is a site devoted to Chris Wylie's modified 1995 Mark VIII.

Japanese Mark VIII site: This is Masato Okada's Japanese language website dedicated to the Mark VIII.

Keecam's Mark VIII site: This is site is devoted to Kecam's Willow Green 1995 Mark VIII.

Big Ant's Mark VII site: This is site is devoted to Big Ant's drag racing Mark VII's.


Notable Sites:

Carcus's site: This is not a truly a Mark VIII site, but is dedicated to the Carcus's latest ride - a 1998 Camaro LS1. Carcus originally had a website and message board that brought together the Mark VIII enthusiasts who founded this site. We thank him. Below is a picture of the 1993 Mark VIII he once owned.

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