Door Panel Removal for 1997-1998


To remove the door panel:

1. Remove the rear view mirror mounting hole cover.

2. Pull out the inside door handle cup, and disconnect the connector.

3. Pull out the door interior lamp.

4. Behind the lamp there is a hidden door trim attachment screw. Unscrew it.

5. Remove the seat regulator control from the door trim panel and disconnect the connector.

6. Remove the outside rear view mirror control from the front door trim panel and disconnect the connector.

7. Remove the fuel filler door switch from the front door trim panel and disconnect the connector.

8. Pull out the luggage compartment lock switch and disconnect the connector.

9. Look under the armrest below the power window switches. There is a small rectangular interior colored panel. Pop this off to expose the hidden door panel attachment bolt. Remove the bolt.

10. Lift the door panel straight up about an inch. This will release the door panel. Now you can remove it by pulling it towards yourself. Remove the connections that are now visible to the speaker, door lock, power window switches, etc.

The right door is easier to remove, because it does not have as many switches. The speakers can be easily removed once you have the door panel out.

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