Common Repairs and Procedures


This section is devoted to common repair procedures on our Mark VIII's. If you have anything to contribute or want to see on this page please contact one of the webmasters listed on the home page.

Oil Filter Removal: Frustrated removing the filter on your Mark VIII? Tired of the mess the draining oil makes on the hoses below the filter? Follow these easy instructions to solve your woes.

Oil filter housing gasket replacement:  A common source of leaks around the oil filter location.

Transmission 1-2 shift accumulator piston and spring replacement: Do this simple fix on your 1997 or earlier Mark VIII if you experience shifting problems. It may be a good idea to do it even if you don't have problems yet, as the bore gets worn from the original parts.

First generation (1993-1996) door panel removal. This is off site at Nightsky's page. Once there, hit the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Second generation (1997-1998) door panel removal.

Second generation (1997-1998) outside mirror turn signal and illumination light removal and installation

Second generation (1997-1998) HID bulb replacement

Rear hub removal and replacement.

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